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An International E-Magazine for Science Enthusiasts

Vigyan Varta An International E-Magazine for Science Enthusiasts is an online multidisciplinary peer reviewed magazine covering all the domains of science. Manuscripts that are well structured and organized in any relevant field of science are given preference. It publishes all types of writings including popular articles, newsletters, meeting reports, success stories, etc that undergo a peer review by the strong editorial team that we have.

Aim and Scope: The e-magazine aims to develop scientific writing skill and acumen among the researchers and academicians from various fields. Writing popular articles in a proper format (as mentioned in our e-magazine) can help the researchers learn the art of scientific writing that will help them publish quality research papers in their future. Also, reading the articles from different domains will help the readers gain insights and wider knowledge about the present world. 

E-ISSN: 2582-9467

Frequency of Publication: Monthly  

Language: English (only)

Starting Year/ Date of Commencement of the e-magazine: May, 2020

Mode/ Format of Publication: Online  

Moto: Happy Learning 

Founder & Proprietor

Miss Suvangi Rath

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RETRACTION OF ARTCILE ALERT-----Please note that Vigyan Varta is not responsible and is no longer accepting the publication of the below articles:

1. Use of Dried Distiller's Grains with Soluble (DDGS) in Fish Nutrition

2. Effect of Fungicide on Fishes 

Authors: Devarshi Ranjan. Priyanka Verma and Mayank Bhushan Singh

The certificates, articles and the acceptance emails stand null and void. Others are warned not to dare do such unethical practices!!!!

Yearly Appraisal Alert (15 May, 2023)
The team of Vigyan Varta will be doing a yearly appraisal of all the members of the team based on their commitment, response, performance and contribution to the magazine and its events. Henceforth, the appointment of the members will be for a period of 1 year and will be reviewed and renewed for the next year based on the above criteria....

About Emails: Please note that all the emails sent from Vigyan Varta are sent from the Email Management Backend Team and None of the editors or reviewers are sending the mails. Therefore, do not associate the emails with the editor-in-chief, editors or the members whose names are written on the website. The roles of the editors are limited to the developing the academia and quality and not anything to do with the emails. More specifically, none of the emails are sent from the name of any editor or member. It is sent from the team. No blames will be entertained on any editor or team member regarding the matter of emails. 

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We are happy to inform that Vigyan Varta has once again Collaborated with 6th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN AGRICULTURE TECHNOLOGY AND ALLIED SCIENCES (ICAATAS 2023) organized by "SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURE RESEARCH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT (NEW DELHI) & LOYOLA ACADEMY, SECUNDERABAD, TELANGANA)" For details, please drop an email at [email protected]

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Current Article

Rural Community Development, Education and Agriculture in Pakistan: Challenges and Initiatives

Engr. Imran Arshad

Several obstacles prevent Pakistan's rural populations from advancing and developing, and they face many of them. They have a number of challenges, including a lack of resources, insufficient infrastructure, and few economic prospects. Although access to high-quality education is hampered in rural Pakistan by a lack of resources, gender-based inequality, and cultural hurdles, education is a key component of raising the quality of life there. Rural communities still place a high value on agriculture, but challenges are being created by modern farming techniques and climate change. In spite of these obstacles, numerous programs have been started to give rural people access to economic opportunities, technical training, and education in an effort to fight poverty and enhance quality of life. These programs provide rural Pakistanis hope for a better future while addressing resource depletion and gender inequities.

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Microbial Consortium as an Important Bioproduct for Sustainable Agriculture

Viabhav Kumar Upadhayay

The practicing of sustainable agricultural needs the use of agriculturally important microorganisms due to their wide arrays of functions. Recent developments in the formulation and application of microbial consortia provide promising advances and raises a hope for better crop production. The use of microbial consortia, actually a community of microorganisms working in synergic way, illustrate various benefits in terms of improving plant growth, soil health, and control of plant disease. This article gives an overview of microbial consortia, strategies for developing effective microbial consortium-based formulation, and highlights their advantages over traditional agrochemicals.

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Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)

Mo Naushad and Nivedita Prasad

Making and sustaining agriculture as a lucrative industry while taking into account global population growth, food security, and the depletion of natural resources is a very difficult task. In addition to preserving the health of the land and ecosystem, one present and future issue is to provide food that is free from pollution and high in nutrients. Ecosystem-based Zero Budget Natural agricultural (ZBNF) advises using mechanized agricultural practices along with organic crop rotation, compost and green manure, organic pest management, etc. Based on the material that is currently accessible, this article analyses the value and applicability of ZBNF. Both its advantages and effects are extensive. A description of the ZBNF system, its applicability, and its viability under the agricultural conditions of India has thus been produced. The four main ZBNF components, such as Jivamrit, Achchhadan, Bijamrit, and Vapasa, among others, are said to be highly economical. As well as their description, talks on natural insecticides, ZNBF's main advantages, and its difficulties have been added.

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