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Pokkali-The Unrivalled Treasure of Coastal Belt of Central Kerala for Rice, Fish and Shrimp Culture

The fields of Pokkali are unique in terms of its ecological and economic role. The ancient society has always vested in nature for their survival in terms of food and goodness; hence the culture practices back then were sustainable. But unfortunately, with the rising pressure of population and also due to the over exploitation of natural resources, the natural way of cultivation has got replaced with practices harming nature using science and technology. This has to be stopped for ensuring sustenance and thus comes the importance of traditional integrated culture practices like Pokkali in the present scenario. The Pokkali fields are highly nutritive with paddy and prawn as alternate crops. The system encompasses within itself huge biodiversity and therefore its significance is important. A detailed study of the different aspects of the culture practice will therefore be highlighted the content of this article.