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Occupational Skin Diseases in Farm Women

Occupational skin diseases (OSDs) result from or become aggravated by working environments or skin contact with substances used at work. Although OSDs can manifest in various forms, such as contact dermatitis, actinic keratosis, neoplasm, dermatophytosis, acne, and foreign body granulomas,1,2 allergic or irritant contact dermatitis accounts for 70-95% of all OSDs. Therefore, OSDs are also referred to as occupational dermatitis. Agricultural farm women engaged in outdoor activities are susceptible to numerous factors in their environment that may result in work related hazards. Exposure to chemical substances is a leading cause of occupational skin diseases. It is obvious because the worker's first line of contact with its environment, aside from the respiratory tract, is the skin. Occupational skin disease has important public health ramifications because it is a common occupational disease; and it shouldn't be ignored as it has a significant psychosocial and financial impact on individuals.