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Different Strategies of Integrated Pest Managemet against Etiella zinckenella (Treitschke) on Pea crops (Pisum sativum L.)

The Pea pod borer Etiella zinckenella (Treitschke) belongs to order Lepidoptera and family Pyralidae, also commonly known as pulse pod borer moth, Lima bean pod borer and Legume pod moth is the most destructive cosmopolitan pest. Its Economic Threshold Level (ETL) is 10% affected parts. This pest is a major, serious nocturnal pest of pea field crop, which cause 50.9% pod infestation with 77.64% seed damage. As lots of drawbacks and disadvantages of chemical pesticides. To make farmers aware and update about novel insecticides and some innovative approaches for pest management and different suitable and safer management tactics, which empowering the farmers to adopt Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tactics.