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Biotechnological Approaches in Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops

In recent days the population is shifting from a rural area to urban area at high concentration. This situation creates critical condition to the vegetable and fruits growers to supply the right food to the right place with a minimum post-harvest loss. Rapid increase in population and food demand put together researchers to work not only to improve the nutritional quality and food quantity but also to increase the shelf life of horticulture crops by using the biotech engineering. A technique called genetic modification can be used in the vegetables and fruits to enable plants to tolerate the biotic and abiotic stresses, resistant to pests and diseases, improve nutritional value and increase the shelf life of the fruits and vegetable products. The plant hormone ethylene influences many aspects of plant growth and development, such as fruit ripening and leaf senescence, which is the main player in vegetables and fruit degradation in the long run of post-harvest. Therefore, if we can take the help of biotechnology and target the gene for biosynthesis of ethylene, we can delay the process of senescence and can preserve the food for longer duration without facing the loss due to degradation by senescence.